Responsive Made Easy

Only Two Responsive Layouts To Worry About

Most responsive themes have four different responsive layouts (site widths) to worry about. That’s a lot of hassle and hours of testing and fixing! We take a simpler approach that will save you lots of time:

Fullsize Layout — for tablets & desktops

A fullsize layout that’s 960 pixels wide. Adora will autodetect tablets and scale the fullsize layout so it looks great.

Mobile Layout — for smartphones

A small fluid layout that’s perfect for small screens. Adora will autodetect smartphones and serve up the mobile version.

A Truly Better Way To Do Things

Better on Smartphones

Pax automatically detects when a visitor is using a mobile device and serves up just the mobile layout — leaving out all the assets that are unneeded. The result is faster downloads and a better experience.

Better on Tablets

Fullsize sites look amazing on the iPad. That’s why popular sites like the TheVerge use the same layout on both desktops and tablets. Adora does too:

  • Tap-to-zoom works as expected
  • Same layout in portrait & landscape
  • No wasted effort on maintaining a tablet layout

Better on PCs and Macs

Nobody wants to see a mobile site in their desktop browser. Adora auto-detects if the visitor is using a desktop browser, then ensures that only the fullsize layout is displayed — just like sites such as the NYTimes.