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High Quality Dental Care For Your Whole Family


We know fear is the most common reason kids, and adults, don't want to see the dentist. So we make sure our office is a fun, low key place where your kids will feel safe. And we use special, buffered anesthetic so you and the ones you love won't even feel a pinch.


We won’t try to sell you treatment you don’t need. We don’t mark up our supplies, or ding you with surprise fees after treatment. And if we’re not in your network, we’ll do whatever we can to keep your out of pocket costs as close to the same as possible.


Many of our patients started getting treated here when they were children. Now they bring their own kids to us. We’ve probably treated someone you know (and made them laugh while they were here!) Relax. We got this.

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Call our front desk, or if it’s after hours, fill out our online form to request an appointment.

We’ll find a time that’s convenient for you, and answer any insurance-related questions you might have before you come in.


We’ll do a thorough evaluation of you or your child’s dental health, so we know exactly what needs to be treated, and what doesn’t.

This low-cost process, which includes all x-rays, will give you a full understanding of what’s currently happening with your, or your child’s teeth. Includes a complimentary cleaning!


Based on the results of this comprehensive exam, Dr. Tim will present you with a range of treatment options to reach your goals. Our priority is to present patients with CHOICES, not give orders, regarding their treatment.

We’ll figure out a plan to bring you and your family to optimum dental health, at a pace you can handle, and a price you can afford.

Going To The Dentist Shouldn't Stress You Out.

Life’s challenging enough. The last thing you need is a high pressure sales pitch from your dentist.

That won’t happen here. We’ll tell you when you need treatment. But we won’t tell you something’s URGENT when it really isn’t. And we’ll always give you ways to proceed at your own pace. So you have options.

Our philosophy is to be minimally invasive – do the work that’s truly necessary, but nothing unnecessary. And what we do, we do right. The first time.

We’ve been at this for a while. Your kids will feel relaxed here. So will you.

And we probably play the best tunes of any dental office you’ve ever been in…

High Quality Dental Care For Your Whole Family

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